Farm and Ranch Insurance

Ranches, whether active agricultural properties or those enjoyed for hunting and other activities, should be covered by appropriate ranch insurance purchased from a knowledgeable insurance agency that can produce ranch policies. Different than homeowners and other types of property insurance, ranch and farm insurance provides important protection for owners based on the unique risks they may face.

Based on ranch ownership and use, ranch owners may need differing types of liability coverage. Generally speaking, homeowners insurance does not specifically cover ranch liability, as this is offered through farm insurance or ranch insurance policies. In some circumstances, an umbrella policy may provide personal liability for ranch owners, including UTV liability.

Besides liability coverage, ranch and farm owners also need to purchase coverage for their property as part of a full insurance package. Depending on where the property is located, additional wildfire insurance that will cover homes and other structures can be an important supplement to any farm insurance policy. Riders that cover collectables, antiques, and other valuable items must also be added separately. More unique coverage such as insurance for damage caused to UTVs and other ranch vehicles can be added.

Silverthorne Insurance can provide insurance products for multiple types of Farm & Ranch use, including:

  • Cattle Yards
  • Personal Hunting
  • Hunting Leases
  • Guided Hunts
  • Equine Farm & Ranches
  • Commercial row-crop farms
  • Small Truck Farms
  • Urban Gardeners
  • Organic Growers
  • Orchards
  • Most other Agrigbusiness

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